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Setting up and operating the coffee nursery

Basic principles

Coffee nurseries are organized to operate in two successive steps:

  • plantlets production from germinated seeds,
  • seedlings production from plantlets.

For these purposes, the nursery includes "seed-beds", best adapted for seeds germination, and "nursery-beds" where plantlets are transferred and allowed to grow till they reach the correct stage for transfer to the field.

Nursery Bed

Building the nursery

The nursery should be designed in order to match your needs in seedlings. These of course depend of the size of your plot and the density you want to plant. But it also depends of various losses or accident that may incur during seedling production process. This slide may guide you to estimate your needs and the area to be prepared.

  • Prepare the nursery design.
  • seed-bed and nursery-bed width should be in the range of 120 cm to 140 cm
  • path between beds should be about 60 cm width.

Seed-bed and nursery-bed should be built above ground level (some 20 to 25 cm) to facilitate the drainage of water in excess.

Shade is an important characteristic of the nursery. It should be close to 50% at the initial stage of the production, to be further reduced to 30% before seedlings transplantation.

Soil preparation:

Light and sieved soil for seed-bed

A soil mixture for nursery beds:    1/3 of sand, 1/3 of rich organic compost, 1/3 of clay

Seed-bed operation and maintenance

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